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Male Chest Definition:
Body building enthusiasts are sometimes concerned about not getting desired effect on their pectorals and abs. Similarly, getting definition in other areas may also be made very difficult due to the overlying stubborn fat. In all such cases, specialized Liposculpture and other methods can help by removing overlying fat and improving muscle cut. The incisions are very tiny about 2 mm and hardly seen after sometime.

Pectoral definition can be improved by use of male chest implants. Made of semi rigid silicone, these implants have the same firmness as muscle and can be placed behind the muscle thereby increasing bulk and definition. This especially helps those individuals whose Pec muscles are genetically underdeveloped.

Liposculpture and Ab muscle definition: The usual problem areas in men are love handles, chest and underarm area, lower abdomen and neck. All these areas can be improved by Vibro liposculpture. Vibro technology makes the lipo cannula tip to vibrate in a vortex fashion. This powerful motion loosens the fat even in tougher male tissues while sparing the other tissues. The result is more precise sculpting and better skin toning. Using this, problem areas are precisely treated with much less bruise, less pain and better skin retraction.

Calf muscle definition: this problem is particularly seen in persons of African origin who genetically have short calf muscles that do not develop easily with exercise. The illusion of bigger and longer calf muscle can be created by calf muscle implants. These go either over or under the muscles and can simulate well defined calves. those that have big muscles but are unable to get definition can benefit from focused liposculpture to define the outlines of the muscle.