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The new technology of thread lift or feather-lift is able to offer an instant lift to facial and non-facial tissues using the power of barbed threads. These threads are loaded onto special needles. Such needles are used to place the threads in specific directions and planes. These threads go easily in one direction but resist pulling in the other directions. This way the surgeon can lift the tissue along the thread and be sure that the tissue will not fall back. A lift is thus achieved without open surgery.

Only modest improvements can be achieved in this method; it is best for correcting early changes of ageing.  Thread lift is not suitable for heavy tissues. In selected cases however it has the advantage of subtle improvements achieved in office without surgery and without too much down time. The cost is also reasonable. Improvements can last 2 to 5 years. The procedure can be repeated anytime.

This method is useful for elevating the eyebrows, lifting the sagging mid-face and cheeks, enhancing the prominence of the jaw-bones, cleaning up the jaw-line and for lifting the neck.  Both permanent and absorbable threads are available. Brands such as APTOS, Silhouette, and Easy lift can be used.

When combined with fat grafting, it offers even more dramatic improvements.

Before & After Images
Before and after photographs of plastic surgery are an important aspect of patient education and communication. For your interest, this gallery represents a variety of procedures that I perform and contains only photographs of my own patients. Depending on your area of concern, you will be invited to view other representative photos during your consultation.

  • Thread lift for cheeks – case 1

    Thread lift for cheeks – case 1