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Big arms, Floppy arms or in extreme cases bat wing like flappy skin on the arms is not uncommon. Women who have lost weight have a high chance of developing these. Some men who lose massive amounts of weight may also get this. This problem is correctable.

Classically arm lift or Brachioplasty was advocated. But experience has taught that the long scars resulting from the classic procedure can be a problem and a source of regret particularly in darker skin individuals. Fortunately with modern liposculpture, this bigger procedure is only needed in the more extreme cases. Even in these we can try and limit the length of the scar.

Classic operation. Here the excess skin is removed as an ellipse and the skin closed. Good contour correction can be given but at the cost of a long scar on the inner side of the back of arm.

Liposculpture. Comprehensive liposculpture with attention to superficial fat allows for great skin retraction. Limited skin removal from the under arm area or circumferential skin removal and a cylindrical lift can give good results while avoiding the long scars. It is easy to have a tattoo around the upper arm to hide the circular scar if so desired!

Laser liposuction can also offer good skin tightening.

High definition liposculpture. This is not really for floppy arms but for improving a normal arm to give a highly defined look. Sought by both men and women who want an athletic physique and who are already athletic otherwise.