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Super-charged Breast Augmentation

Recent media reports on the supercharged breast augmentation or composite breast augmentation have created a lot of interest. Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy, consultant plastic surgeon in Dubai elaborates more about this new surgery.

Wound Care

Basically any wound that is potentially problematic should be seen and treated by a plastic surgeon. Some examples: burns especially in children, elderly or hand and face burns, high velocity/high impact injury wounds, wounds where tissue is lost, where tissues are torn irregularly or avulsed, crush wounds etc. The reason is that in these wounds, tissue is de-vitalized and needs gentle and selective handling as well as proactive management to ensure as best a healing as possible. Further, wounds that have not healed in a reasonable time of two weeks are better seen by a plastic surgeon.

The Q & A Of Body Contour Surgery

Next to facial beauty it is a “body beautiful” that is on everyone’s wish-list. While a few are naturally blessed, for many the changes, brought about by genetics, age, pregnancies, and sedentary living, refuse to respond to diet and exercise-the bulges and tires simply do not go away. While some seek that elusive goal of the perfect 10/10 figure, the majority just want a more acceptable contour. Enter body contour surgery the current buzz word. One hears of liposuction, body wrap, special contouring suits and magic cures.

Plastic Surgery in children part 1

Most people would be surprised to hear about plastic surgery for children but in fact pediatric plastic surgery forms a very important part of our work. This mainly refers to correction of birth defects and treatment of injuries or burns. Other examples may be surgery to correct babies born with a paralyzed hand or born with rare tumors. Rarely the birthing process can damage the delicate nerves in the neck leading to paralysis of the baby’s hand;early plastic surgery on the nerves can improve this significantly. All these are reconstructive surgeries;cosmetic surgery is not done in children. In this article I will cover some common birth defects and their treatments, cleft defects and vascular swellings will be covered in another article.

Plastic Surgery in children part 2

Birth defects are merely errors in the complex process of an embryo becoming a baby. Some of them may have devastating consequence while some are mere variations. Plastic surgeons are using their skills everyday all over the world in performing life changing surgeries to bring about hope to millions of such babies and their families. Continuing the feature from the last week, Dr. Mohan discusses cleft defects in detail and briefly touches upon other common anomalies.

New You

There are almost 25 types of fillers available in the market, some approved in UAE some not approved. These can basically be classified into 3 types: temporary, semi-permanent [long lasting temporary] and permanent. The temporary ones either are digested by the body and absorbed or broken down by the body and removed via urine. The permanent ones stay in the body.

Mommy Makeover

Mummy or Mommy make-over is a new concept and not a new surgery. This concept evolved over a period of time. While dealing with women who come for plastic surgery following pregnancy, one hears the same story repeatedly. The women invariably say that they had a fine figure before pregnancy but after childbirth, they do not recongnize themselves. They are often at a loss to understand why this happened and are quite often depressed. They also are dismayed to see that exercise does not seeem to work, in fact for many nothing seemed to work until they came for plastic surgery.

Hair Transplantation For Emirates Today

Your hairline is an important part of your face and personality. It is to use a much clichéd expression it is the crowning Glory. For most, a receding hairline is an often embarrassing development, one that they would love to get rid of. Which is where hair restoration surgery comes in. It can improve your appearance, restore the”frame”to the face and thereby also boost your self-confidence.

Botox Questions

‘Botox’is a brand name for the Botulinum toxin type A produced by Allergan. So it is a trade name. Medically such toxins are called neurotoxins or more specifically Botulinum toxin. There are different brands. In my practice I use Botox and Dysport.

Breast Reconstruction – A Beacon of Hope

The diagnosis of breast cancer comes as a big shock even to the most stoic woman;then follows the agonising period of further staging tests and treatment options. The most important concern is of course effective treatment with the aim of cure. Although the treatment has evolved considerably over the past three decades and more breast conservation is practised now, the fear of losing one’s breast always looms large. With the global focus on early detection, more women are now cured of the disease and many even get to keep the breast almost intact. But for a significant number of women, removal of the breast [mastectomy] is an essential part of the treatment protocol. It helps such women to know that an aesthetically pleasing breast can be reconstructed by plastic surgery techniques later on