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Children may be born with birth defects of the genitalia. Conditions such as hypospadias in boys and vaginal atresia in girls can be corrected by reconstructive plastic surgery. Depending on local expertise, such cases may be treated by pediatric surgeon or by plastic surgeon. Some rare cases like bladder extrophy require combined expertise of pediatric urologist and plastic surgeon. Rarely babies may be born with complete absence of vagina, this usually is not diagnosed until much later when tests are done to investigate nonoccurrence of menstrual periods [primary amenorrhea]. Advanced techniques are available to correct this problem as well.

Adults with genital defects and deformities caused by traumatic childbirth such as perineal tears and fistula are treatable by plastic surgery. Vaginal fistula is a devastating rare problem caused by obstructed labor. Fortunately this is now uncommon in areas with good obstetric care but may still occur. Plastic surgical techniques help to improve the success rates in this notoriously difficult surgery. Genital defects may also result from cancer surgery. Such defects need genital reconstructive surgery usually by using flaps; such expertise is available in our service.

Genital deformity due to ageing or massive weight loss can be improved by plastic surgery. Such surgeries are increasingly requested and performed in my service. More details can be found under the cosmetic surgery section – body – female genital surgery.

A problem seen sometimes here in men is called ‘Concealed Penis‘. This happens usually due to excessive skin removal during newborn circumcision leading to skin shortage. This problem may be compounded by obesity or may be purely due to excess fat in the mons-pubis area. This problem is easy to treat. It requires liposuction of the Mons pubis, release of ligaments and skin grafting of the penile shaft to restore lost skin and length.

Genital warts and tumors can be treated well by using the Radiofrequency devices with least scarring and rapid healing.