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Breast implants are well known but it is also possible to do implant augmentation for several other parts of the body such as chin, cheeks, nose, male chest, buttocks and calf. These are usually solid silicone implants made of durable silicone elastomer or other materials such as Medpore [for face]. In suitable cases, such implants give predictable immediate results. Successful examples include women with very thin legs desiring more beautiful calf, persons with weak chins or shallow cheek bones. Such cases can have a dramatic effect with implants.

Buttock implants are very popular in some parts of the world to augment the butts. Personally I prefer to use fat grafts but in some women there is simply not enough fat. Or if the woman needs really a serious degree of augmentation, implants are needed in addition to fat. Generally speaking, this procedure is slightly more problematic than breast augmentation. In carefully selected cases, good results can be obtained while still keeping complications low.

Before & After Images

Before and After photographs of plastic surgery are an important aspect of patient education and communication. For your interest, this gallery represents a variety of procedures that I perform and contains only photographs of my own patients. Depending on your area of concern, you will be invited to view other representative photos during your consultation.