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These are some questions that patients and lay public and even some doctors ask frequently. Kindly go through this section, our question may be answered here. You may also send specific queries by filling out the form under ‘Ask Your Questions’.

Can a woman get any desired breast size by silicone implants?

NO. It is advisable to use only the appropriate size for that body. Using much large sizes results in un-natural appearance and also increases complications like loss of nipple sensation and implant exposure. Within limits however, the woman can participate in deciding the type and volume of implant that she desires.

Is there any risk of breast cancer with using implants?

This question has been extensively studied and the conclusion is that there is no increased risk, if anything some studies showed a negative risk or reduced risk.

There is however a very recent concern – this is regarding very rare cases of a type of tumor called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. A few cases have been reported in the US, the exact association with breast implants is still under study but there is no ban on continued use of implants for breast augmentation.

We read that only saline implants are permitted by FDA and that silicone gel implants are banned.

This is old story. In the USA there was an embargo on gel implants in the 90’s pending further study. In 2006 the results of a very careful 10-year long study revealed that is okay to use gel implants, the ban has since been lifted. It is to be noted that this was only in the USA and elsewhere in the world there was never any ban. Today both saline and gel are available.

Is it possible to breast feed after implant surgery?

Yes this is possible and there is no adverse effect. Studies have not shown any higher levels of silicone in the milk.

Is there any problem with flying or deep sea diving after breast augmentation?"

Absolutely no problem is expected or has been reported by anyone. The woman can fly in a commercial aircraft 5 days after surgery and diving is permitted 3 weeks after the cuts have healed. Contact sports must be avoided for 3 months.

Can the implants last life-long?

No it is recommended to change them after 10-12 years.

I have sagging breast which have also lost volume. If I go for augmentation with implants, will it correct the sagging?

Mild sagging can be corrected by implant. More advanced sagging [called ptosis] requires a type of breast lift operation. This can be combined with augmentation or is done separately before or after. Your surgeon can advise you on these options.

I heard gummy bear implants are better. Any comments?

Now most surgeons use the so called gummy bear. This refers to implants filled with cohesive gel; i.e gel that does not run and retains its form. They are a bit firmer but have now become the new industry standard.

How does one decide whether to go for round implant or tear drop shaped? Is it better to have them placed behind or in front of muscle?

There are no hard and fast rules. Each one has its advantage and dis-advantage. Your surgeon can best decide this after taking into consideration your personal preferences with respect to the breast shape you like. If upper fullness and cleavage is what you desire most then perhaps the round is best for you. If you wanted more mature appearance, then the tear drop is better. This also depends on the chest shape, height, age, shape of own native breast and so on.

A new Body-logic system was evolved for Mentor implants. Dr. Mohan uses the body-logic system to choose the best implant for each woman.

A new Body-logic system was evolved for Mentor implants. Dr. Mohan uses the body-logic system to choose the best implant for each woman.

NO, most patients are able to leave hospital the same day and are reasonably pain free with just oral tablets for days. A well fitted breast support garment is a great help.

How bad are the scars?

There are 3 approaches to put in a breast implant. The commonest is below the breast fold, the next is through the nipple-areola border and the last is via the axilla or under-arm. The least visible scar is the one around the areola. Not all women are suitable for this approach however. It can only be used if the areola is big enough for the gel implant. Saline implants however can be put through the areola in most cases.

In general gel implants are more popular due to their breast like feel and freedom from leakage. But they need a longer cut to insert. Saline implants can be put in through much smaller incision.

Scars average about 4-5 cm and tend to fade with time. In most cases they are quite faint, if modern techniques are used.