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These are some questions that patients and lay public and even some doctors ask frequently. Kindly go through this section, our question may be answered here. You may also send specific queries by filling out the form under ‘Ask Your Questions’.

I suffer from very heavy breast and I am only 18 years. I wear a size 38 DD and am constantly embarrassed. Can this be reduced or is it better to wait?

This type of enlargement occurs rarely in some girls and is called Virginal hypertrophy. It is a poorly understood medical condition. No relation to cancer. Such breasts need to be reduced by reduction operation at the teen age or early twenties. There is no medicinal cure for this. The operation is a standard procedure done by plastic surgeons.

Will I get the long horrible looking anchor scars after reduction.

This type of scar is still the outcome after classical techniques and in many women, if well done well, is quite acceptable. However, there are now several short scar methods that can be used for the minor and moderate reductions and even for large ones at times.

Will there be loss of nipple feeling after this operation?

This is likely but is becoming less common with the newer methods.

Is breast feeding possible after reduction?

Usually no but if this is a concern, technique can be modified to preserve as much lactational units as is consistent with reduction.

Can the breast re-grow after reduction?

It’s possible although uncommon.[/expand]