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External ear surgery also known as “Otoplasty” is performed for congenital anomalies of the external ear, the most common of which is the prominent or “Bat” ear.  Every year many children undergo this operation to decrease the prominence of the ears, generally complaining of having been teased at school by other children.  A number of adults also undergo this operation stating that they are unable to wear their hair back due to the prominence of their ears.
Otoplasty may be performed under general or local anesthesia (depending on the age and patient preference).  The operation generally takes about 90 min and involves an incision behind the ear. A dumb-bell shaped piece of skin is removed to gain access to the cartilage framework of the ear. The shape of the cartilage is altered surgically to get the correct ridges and grooves. In extreme cases excess cartilage is also removed from the concha of the ear. The skin is again re-draped over the new cartilage framework.  A head bandage is usually worn for two weeks to maintain the new shape and prevent hematoma (blood collection under the skin) formation.  The stitches are self-dissolving. The results are permanent and scars almost invisible.

Refinements: The cartilage is not cut but permanently bent into the desired shape using special methods. This gives natural looking results and avoids the broken ear appearance produced by older techniques.
Other ear operations such as removal of keloids, repair of split ear lobes, or correction of other anomalies of ear shape are all possible.

Before & After Images

Before and after photographs of plastic surgery are an important aspect of patient education and communication. For your interest, this gallery represents a variety of procedures that I perform and contains only photographs of my own patients. Depending on your area of concern, you will be invited to view other representative photos during your consultation.

  • Otoplasty case 1

    Otoplasty case 1
  • Otoplasty-ear corrections: 2

    Otoplasty-ear corrections: 2
  • Otoplasty-ear corrections: 3

    Otoplasty-ear corrections: 3
  • Otoplasty-ear corrections: 4

    Otoplasty-ear corrections: 4