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With ageing and sustained pull of gravity, the forehead and eyebrow or the eyebrows alone may drop down. this is a classical change of ageing. The distance between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid lash line decreases and heavy folds form on the upper eyelid. This provokes the person to sub-consciously raise the eyebrows by constantly using the forehead muscles – the result is horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

The correction: A surgery called forehead-brow lift is intended to correct this. This operation was classically performed through a long cut on the scalp which allowed the surgeon to separate the forehead skin off the skull bone and re-drape it upwards. The excess skin was trimmed off. Although very effective, this operation was drastic. In modern times, thanks to the advent of endoscopic surgery, much the same procedure can be accomplished only through 3-5 small cuts on the scalp hidden behind the hairline. The downtime with this new operation is much less and side effects minimal.

Endoscopic Brow lift is suitable for brow descent of moderate degree in patients without a high forehead. In persons with high forehead, it is not possible to place the cuts behind the hairline. After the surgery, the brow goes up by a useful degree and the eye-zone appears more open. One can expect bruising for 5 days and swelling for about 2 weeks. It is a useful nifty addition to facial rejuvenation and is available in Dr. Mohan’s practice.

Simple reshaping of eyebrows: This is much requested by young women who desire a higher arch to the outer part of their eyebrows. We can use Botox for gentle lifts without surgery or can do Temporal Brow lift for a more dramatic effect. The latter is a surgery done form inside the hairline of the temple region. Thread lifts can also be used to lift he brow alone if the forehead is okay [as in young person]. Finally fat graft to the orbit area can give that ultimate enhancement to the upper eyelid zone.

Scars on eyebrows and old injuries may leave bald scars on the eyebrows or leave a brow miss-match. These are correctable by plastic surgery.