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Sometimes clients wish to have a sculpted look to their face and are unhappy with the round featureless face. Such a problem especially in the non-obese calls for a whole bunch of procedures all designed to achieve that sculpted defined look. This may include removal of cheek fat pad, addition of implants, liposuction and other ancillary procedures. Face sculpting is an effective procedure and the results are long lasting. The implants are made of silicone or porous polyethylene [POREX, Medpore]. Examples of implants include nose implant, chin implants and cheek bone implants. Recently permanent lip implants have also become available.

Some women especially of East Asian origin are bothered by a very square jaw. This is due to thick jaw muscles or flaring of jaw bone or both. Effective procedures for this may involve Botox injection or bony surgery [from inside mouth, no scars] or both. This is also a form of face sculpting.