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Another area of concern for men is the facial profile and jaw-nose relationship. Men seek a stronger jawline and more defined face with less ‘roundness’. This kind of result can be achieved by combining rhinoplasty (nose surgery), chin implants, under-jaw liposuction/muscle tightening and sometimes cheek-bone implants. Removal of cheek fat pad along with strategic fat grafting called lipostructure is another powerful tool. None of this involves any visible cuts so there is no tell-tale evidence at all! For the well-motivated male, today it is entirely possible to get a chiseled face.

Older men are bothered by sagging neck and turkey-gobbler neck. Many do not want a face lift. They can be very effectively managed by Z plasty [not suitable in colored men with risk of bad scars] and some degree of face fat grafting. The improvement can be remarkable with very low risk.