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Caused by old injuries or burns, neglected hand deformities can have a grave functional impact on the independence and earning potential of the person. It is tragic that a simple neglect of some fundamental principles can render a hand crippled after relatively minor injury. Proper reconstructive surgery goes a long way to restore function. Physiotherapy alone may not suffice if there is tissue scarring or deficiency. A surgical release and tissue replacement is indicated before physiotherapy can do any good.

Due to his rigorous training and personal interest in hand surgery, Dr. Mohan is able to improve such deformities and restore function to many such cases. Missing thumbs can be also reconstructed. Treatment is highly individualized as per case. Various techniques like contracture release, grafting, secondary nerve or tendon grafting, tendon transfers, bone grafting, joint replacements or microsurgical flap tissue transfer may be combined to give the optimum outcome.

Proper use of specialized hand splints and focused physiotherapy are no less important. A positively motivated patient can reach the best outcome; nothing can be achieved if the patient does not put in 100% effort into his physiotherapy and splinting program. A close coordination between plastic surgeon, splint technician and physiotherapists makes huge difference in such cases. This is witnessed every day in our department.