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Male breasts are becoming an increasingly common problem in society today. Although medically not a problem, it causes embarrassment. The person starts avoiding sports and outdoor activities where the breast swellings will be obvious. This situation can be corrected easily by surgery.

There are three situations where this problem occurs (and for a fourth scenario see below). One is in adolescent boys where it is due to hormonal changes occurring in the body; the majority of these swellings improve or disappear by 18 years age. The second is seen in grossly obese boys/men. Here they need to lose weight and then the swellings may go away if entirely fatty. The third variety is a swelling of fat and enlarged gland mixed together, the patient may or may not be obese. These usually persist and need surgery for correction.

Surgery for Gynecomastia has undergone a sea change. Modern methods used by the author make it possible to correct the swelling entirely without any significant scar. Fat is removed by Vibro-liposuction and the gland by mini key-hole incision. The cut is entirely inside or around the areola and fades with time. The results are permanent. The patient can go home the same day and be back to work in two days. Nobody will notice the scars! 

Steroid abuse: A fourth important cause of breast swelling in the male is the use [abuse] of testosterone and other male hormone or androgenic steroids. Excess of these drugs in the system get converted to female hormone [yes!!] in the body fat by aromatase enzymes and this obviously stimulates the breasts to grow. So you get a paradox of an overly muscular male with female breasts. This ridiculous combination is being encountered more and more in my practice due to rampant abuse of male hormones. Such glands unfortunately do not go away but can be corrected by same surgery as above.

Before & After Images

Before and after photographs of plastic surgery are an important aspect of patient education and communication. For your interest, this gallery represents a variety of procedures that I perform and contains only photographs of my own patients. Depending on your area of concern, you will be invited to view other representative photos during your consultation.

  • Male breast reduction

    Male breast reduction
  • Male breast reduction case 2

    Male breast reduction case 2
  • Male breast reduction case 3

    Male breast reduction case 3
  • Male breast reduction case 4

    Male breast reduction case 4