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These are some questions that patients and lay public and even some doctors ask frequently. Kindly go through this section, our question may be answered here. You may also send specific queries by filling out the form under ‘Ask Your Questions’.

Why do men get breast like swellings? We are seeing that more commonly now?

This is the adverse effect of global pesticide usage, pollution, abuse of hormones in cattle raised for meat and rising obesity. Many pesticide and hormone residues reach our food and in the human body they have female hormone like effects. If the man is obese, then the male hormones get converted partly to female hormones in the excess fat tissue. Even such a small excess of female hormone is sufficient to stimulate breast growth. There is also rampant abuse of testosterone among body builders who tend to take mega doses for muscle building. The excess male hormone gets converted to female hormone like end products which in turn stimulate breast growth.

Can this be corrected?

See the section related to gynecomastia under Cosmetic-male aesthetic surgery-male breast reduction.