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    I am absolutely deighted with my new figure. Not in my most hopeful dreams could i have imagined that i can reach this result. The heavy load and pain in my shoulders is gone and the bonus of a new flat tummy is an absolute delight. I am back in Australia and busy shopping for the summer. I must also say that the new pain-busting catheters you used for my tummy tuck were very good. I had hardly any pain. I compared notes with my friend who had undergone the tummy tuck but without the benefit of pain catheters. she says she sufferred a lot of pain in the first 4 days. And oh the fact that you do not use drains surprised many but you told me already that you have not used drains in the past 180 tummy tucks and have not found them necessary.
    Well I am glad i found you in my search for someone doing the new lipoabdominoplasty in Dubai. Thank you once again.

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