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Cecilia's Story

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    This is Cecilia from Nigeria, God Bless you doctor. Now I have no pain in my leg and the bullet wounds have healed. I am now walking slowly and feel good. I hope to join back to work after a week. Thank you once again, you solved this horrible pain that I have been suffering from since the attack on our bus 5 years back.


    Note: the lady had a fracture of the small bone of the leg with the sharp end pressing on her nerve. It required delicate exposure of the nerve and releasing all its branches from difficult scarring. This was done using microsurgery. Some parts required a microsurgical repair as well. Flap surgery was also done to restore good quality skin cover oer the nerves. Fat grafting was also done to keep soft fat wround the nerves to prevent irritation. This case illustrates that cosmetic techniques have use in reconstruvctive surgery and vice-versa.

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