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Prominent ear is a common anomaly for which treatment is simple and effective. The older cartilage fracture methods gave rather sharp unnatural contours. Dr. Mohan uses modern cartilage moulding methods to give a natural looking result. Scar is hidden behind the ear and is not noticeable. Children can be fixed before school age; this is preferable as the cartilage is softer and easily moulded. It is however possible to correct this at any age.

Other ear anomalies like cup ear, lop ear, microtia and anotia area also treatable. In congenital absence, the entire ear can be reconstructed. The framework is classically carved from the patient’s own rib cartilage which is then covered by the hairless skin in the ear area. If skin is not sufficient, tissue expanders can be used to generate adequate skin. Two to three stages are needed to complete the reconstruction.