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Loose thighs that have loosened due to yo-yo fluctuations in weight, genetic reasons, and massive weight loss or pregnancy hormone changes need some sort of lift especially if extreme. Many women think they have ‘cellulite’ while in actual fact they have loose thighs.

A simple test: If the thigh looks much better lying down than on standing up, you have loose thighs. If you can grab the upper thigh skin and pull up like pulling up stockings, and if that improves the thigh and leaves you holding a ruff of skin and tissue, you DO have loose skin problem.
This can affect the thighs all around or more on the inner or outer side. Accordingly we have the following: 

  1. Inner thigh lift: Here the excess skin is pulled up from the upper inner area where the thighs join the genital area. The scar is well hidden but tends to drop a little with time. Should be done by an expert because it is more difficult than it sounds. A preventable complication is wide open labial lips due to the pull. This has never happened in my cases as I know how to prevent this; unfortunately i do see this repeatedly from surgeries done elsewhere.
  2. Outer thigh lift. Here the skin and tissues are pulled up from the outside; the scar goes inside the panty or swimwear. Slightly painful and difficult in the first week after surgery but well worth it in properly indicated cases.
  3. Combination thigh lift
  4. Posterior thigh lift. This is required to remove the banana rolls on the back of thigh below the buttocks. Scar is well hidden. Bonus is a better butt definition!