Accessibility Tools

The true age of a person is often seen in her hands. The hands are as much exposed to the elements as the face and one can see skin blemishes as well as wrinkling and depressions on the back of the hand. Micro-fat grafting and skin resurfacing procedures along with skin care regimes can transform your hand into beautiful extensions of your personality. We transfer living stem cells along with the fat in order to achieve a true inside out rejuvenation.

One can also achieve this by injecting fillers such as Teosyal, Restylene, Radiesse etc. A pen injector called Restylen Vital is used to inject micro droplets of the gel in the superficial layers of the hand after numbing the skin. By next day the hand is much softer, smoother and looking a lot younger.

Although easily possible, it is not our policy to remove large veins from the back of hand as these veins are handy in times of emergencies for getting a vascular access. There are some plastic procedures which ethically borderline and this is one, so I do not do this.